We are 1000’s of years in the future, the actual date man took to the stars is lost in time. Man only knows he left Earth right before the Sol System was destroyed, they fled there dieing planet in ships to far worlds and places.

The Supernatural, vampires, werewolves, mage’s all of them had to flee as well less they be destroyed so most hitched rides and spread into the stars with man. This of course ruined the reasons to stay hidden so most of the supernatural are not only well known but thrive in this setting.

Most of the galaxy is independent planets that rule themselves, a few mutable planet governments have popped up over time but most implode or die over wars or famine. Despite the fact that man is in space he truly is in a “Dark Age” of space colonization and exploration. Planets that survivors landed on didn’t have all the necessary supplies or equipment to thrive on their own and most colonies became something closer to the middle age’s then any form of future world.

Most people can travel hundreds lightyears in seconds using an artifact that was found in deep space as mankind spread out upon the stars. A stygian gate, a large obsidian ring that allowed a ship to pass through it (with a price) and fly within the realms of the dead. This “sub-realm” allowed faster travel between gates of further systems and mankind has been using this method to travel since it first reached out to the stars.

Man kind and its supernatural population lived like this for centuries, but that all started to change about 100 years ago, a new empire showed up. One that rivaled all those that had come before it, The Camarilla Empire. Vampires who not only enslaved the planets they came across but continued to spread like a cancer upon the independent planets. Most attempted to resist, but in a time period where man barely thrived upon a world on his own, the empire could be a tempting place, give up your freedom to live on a world that has factories, medicine, and food.

The Camarilla was ruled by noble vampire house’s who had grown as time moved on. Conquering and enslaving whole star systems.

Meanwhile, in far flung space a group calling it self the “Mage Guild” Raised up, a group of people who could alter reality with their minds. They spread out, offering their services to any who would accept them in their court. While not numerous enough to take on the Camarilla Empire they did what they could with the independent leaders, advising them and manipulating events to suit their needs. Hampering the Camarilla’s growth to what it is today (They own 62% of the known habitable systems)

Dark and Deadly Stars