Dark and Deadly Stars

February 12th, 2013
First Session! (part one)

Session one Part one “on board the Throat of the world”

Dayleon lounge’s in his captains chair, Feet up upon the council, Indiana jones style hat hung low and over his face, arms crossed as he slightly dozed well aware that Ryko will notify him when there journey is done. Right now they travel through Stygia, outside the viewports are filled with a dark grey misty substance that occasionally you can see things floating in, Sometimes those things look like other ships, sometimes people, even “other” things float out there but every good spacer knows to ignore them and bring no attention to yourself. The Radar next to the captain blips with notifications of other signals out there in the dark mist but they fade away as soon as they show up. Ghost sounds and creeks crack along all the access tunnels of the ship.

Makon arrives upon the bridge, he moves to the captain, He doesn’t touch the man simply speaks out.

Makon: “Captain? I do hope I’m not interrupting.”

Dayleon raising one corner of his hat to take a look at Maykon but otherwise he doesn’t move

Dayleon: “Nah.. whats up?”

Makon: “We’ll arrive upon Rothgar soon, my home planet, but I was hoping to arrange a possible departure after I’ve gathered a few things, I don’t wish to stay long.”

Dayleon raises a brow.

Dayleon: “where would you wish to go after we leave Rothgar.”

Makon: “anywhere.”

Dayleon shrugs

Dayleon: “Fine by me, but what do I get out of this deal?”

Makon: “I’ll give you your standard fee and raise it by 500 more credits”

Daylon ponders this for a moment then shrugs and nods. “Fine by me, but I leave as soon as Throat is refueled, be back before and you can ride with us. Otherwise I leave you.”

Makon seems to agree and leaves the bridge heading back for his quarters.

Rykon appears a ghostly half transparent Rakoon wearing a toolbelt. Its eyes gleem with mischief and its voice has a English accent to it.

Rykon “Morn’n capt’n”

Dayleon: “Morning.”

Rykon “Got a message for you upon the cortex”

(Cortex is a network built upon mostly technology but with a thrown in bonus of “spirts” tossed in, These spirits are of communication, space and time, They travel spreading information which for the most part is reliable however this is the “internet” and these are alien personalities of spirits so some information is usualy wrong.)

Dayleon raises a brow, second curious event of his morning

Dayleon: “very well, put it through.”

Rykon nods and a glowing sphere of spirit stuff floats in to the bridge directly in front of Daleon, The orb transforms into a translucent image of a robed figure. The figure stands there as if on the bridge, arms folded into the sleeves hood up and casting his face in shadow.

Mage: “Greetings Dayleon, we have another assignment for you.”

Daylone remains silent, nodding though to allow the ghostly image to continue.

Mage: “We will not broadcast the info over the Cortex but we are offering 4 times the amount we normally offer. If you’re interested, go to the space station Victory in the Bloody Thorn region. There you’ll meet one of our agents, Kaylee, who will give you the details.”

Dayleon once more nods. “Very well.”
The Mage nods this time and then fades from few.

Rykon: “Message received, we’ll be arriving at the Rothgar gate in 22 minutes sir. I shall prepare the ship for its landing sequence,”

Dayleon once more nods, then lowers his hat and continues to doze until they arrive. The ship exits the Stygian gate in the system and slowly approaches a large red planet. Rothgar is busy, a military industrial planet in the heart of the Camarilla Empire and the capital of House Lasombra. It also has a Ordo of Dracul headquarters here which is where Makon works out of.


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